"Christ is Alive!  Let Christians sing.

His Cross stands empty to the sky.

Let streets and home with praises ring.

In death his love shall never die."

--Christ is Alive! Lutheran Book of Worship #363

75th Anniversary and Memorial

Stained Glass Window



Pastor’s Letter NOVEMBER 2015

Thank the Lord and sing his praise; tell everyone what he has done, Let everyone who seeks the Lord, rejoice and proudly bear his name. (Post Communion canticle LBW).

So, my brothers and sisters in Christ, this is the season of giving thanks! Ever hear the saying, “Count Your Blessings”? Well, maybe this is the time we should count our blessings and live our lives as a thankful people for we are truly blessed. Some times when I see how difficult life can be, I turn them, my thoughts, to how thankful I should be for friends, family and loved ones from this great community in Christ at Our Redeemer, for this great country we live in, and for the great area we reside in.


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We need to
play Catch-up!

As usual, as of this summer we are behind the eight ball and need to Catch-up. About $7,000 behind. So, the Stewardship Committee and Pastor implore everyone to Catch-up with your offerings and now that the school year has started and we are back to business as usual, let's also catch-up with our time, talents and be all you can be - the body of Christ in the world today! Remember, God’s Work ~ Our Hands! Catch-up!